In this contemporary world that seems to be filled with digital developments we all want to accelerate more. The joy and novelty have blinded our colossal pupils with their miniscule stall of light. We no longer question our outreached status quo. We rather keep digitalizing our identity, money, art and even our lovers. Our – yes, ours – unconditionality is leading us to an age of emptiness. Why is nobody holding our inquisitiveless us back?

In 2014 Gerd Leonhard questioned the core humanity versus digitalization. According to Leonhard it’s no longer a question how or if we’re going to solve our problems with the internet. It’s important why and when we would use this massive algorithm to solve our issues. Who has the control? The big difference between humans and computers is that computers are based on numbers. Humans aren’t that simple. We are based on ethics. Ethics make it able to make considered human choices that computers aren’t able to make. It’s clear that we’re going to lose our precious well-beloved ethical control if we don’t critically consider the digital developments and social impacts of them right now.

Since the big digital revolution the world we lived and live in has been over dominated by greed. Greed that has money as their matriarch. That golden army is, not that as slowly as it seems, swallowing our natural humanity into her earthless digital world. The past few years we have learned to settle on the floating internet. Now the queen is ready to drown the wallets of thousands of us, humans, into her crypto madness that was created by ourselves. We bite. We bite well.
It won’t take long till she gains our souls. The age that even relationships only seem to matter when they have lost their needing human roots and are no more than some worthless pixels on a screen wearing a big – whether small – price tag is nearby.

As a nosy artist born in the midst of this digital revolution I’m always questioning me and my surroundings. As all curious humans used to do a few decades ago. Now that way of being human makes me in this, non-questionable 21st century, the odd man out. Now I’m questioning our condition to question. Looking into the present future by giving the humankind the – first ever – opportunity to invest in each other’s relations on the internet. The occasion to invest in the most valuable draw of people you (might not) know with crypto currency. I’ll give people the opportunity to experience the internet in its most commercial form. Would commercializing our most precious possession lead us to realizing the problem and start asking questions? I’m curious about how this triggers the society we live in. A look forward on the road we’ve been driving for a short time with tremendous speed. I’m inquisitive how this red striking roadblock will distract the society from driving that highway to demise.

Will we sharpen our blades and go to battle? Or; Will she hold us under her spell of complete eradication? Wake up! We are destroying humanity.